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Please advise which bookmakers I should place bets with

Choose reputable and reliable companies.
Ratings can be seen here.
We recommend the following bookmakers:
Pinnacle, Bwin, Gamebookers, Eurobet, Ladbrokes, Sbobet, and betting exchanges - Betfair, Betdaq.

Please delete bookmaker XXXX and feature YYYY

Each of the bookmakers and features were added based upon requests from our users. That’s why we won’t delete anything. If you don’t like a bookmaker or a feature, you can disable it and still let other users take advantage of it.

Could you please add bookmaker XXXX and feature YYYY?

The project is being constantly developed and any ideas are welcome. Submit your feature request or propose a bookmaker to be supported.


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Más información

How long will I be able to use the service once I subscribe?

The prices are specified per one calendar month. That is, if you pay on July 1st, the subscription will expire on August 1st. If you pay on March 22nd, the subscription will expire on April 22nd. A subscription that was paid for on February 28th will end on March 28th.